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The compost tea

The compost tea

The key to successful gardening and more nutrient dense fruit and vegetables is to feed the soil first. People think first of compost and manure but there are easier and  more affordable ways of quickly improving soil health.

Compost tea is the easiest and fastest. It may seem a little bit complicated at first but compared to building compost bins, turning over the compost and then dragging pails to the furthest corners of the garden...  compost tea is a breeze. After a few hours preparing the compost tea (spread out over 2 weeks), we are able to nourish 2 acres in less than an hour. 

Our compost tea recipe combines aerobic with anaerobic reproduction of local and effective micro-organisms as well as integrating biodynamic preparations to create a multipurpose all-in-one garden amendment.

We use watering cans to apply it to the soil  and a sprayer when applying it as a foliar spray for fruit trees.


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