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the wild bees of Quebec !

This page is dedicated to the wild bees of Quebec which, when honeybees are scarce, do a magnificent job of pollinating our fruit trees.

Did you know ? 

There are about 40 genera of bees in Quebec and within each genus, several species are often represented.

On this page, you can learn a bit about many of the native bees found in Quebec. 

If you want to know more, we recommend inaturalist.ca.

What is the difference between a bee and a wasp ?


Bees are often confused with wasps, here are some useful differences: 

  • Bees often have hair, while wasps rarely have hair.
  • Many wasp species have longer legs, while bees tend to be more compact.
  • Wasps are often thinner than bees.
  • Bees collect pollen for their larvae and have a way to transport it while wasps tend to be hunters.

If you see and are able to identify wild bees, you can submit your observations to BWARS.com

Coming soon: more information about what you can plant to encourage our bees.