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LE jardin des violoneux

Jardin des Violoneux's house

Welcome to our orchard, Le Jardin des Violoneux ! 

We feed the soil, we grow fruit, we make kombucha and we add herbal remedies to our kombucha for delicious and convenient wellness. 
We are committed to biodynamic and regenerative methods and we buy and endorse small scale and local.


Product of the Jardin des Violoneux

the online kiosk

We sell kombucha, farm products and other cool stuff.

The turtle island table

The Turtle Island Table

Want to feel better? Are you ready to change your eating habits? Do you want to combine local, sustainable, affordable and low-carb?

The garden

garden Secrets

Would you like to know the secret ingredients of our compost tea, search the garden for wild bees, pick blueberries or make apple cider? 


Maison du Jardin des Violoneux

Located one hour east of Montreal between Saint Hyacinthe and Sorel, between the Richelieu and the Yamaska, the Trans-Canada and the Saint-Lawrence and on traditional territory of the Haudenoshone and Abenakis, we are Le Jardin des Violoneux.  

We grow cherries, blueberries, black currants, raspberries, plums, pears, grapes, apples and hazelnuts. 

We use our fruit to make delicious kombucha and we add extra goodness by adding medicinal teas. We also make apple cider.

We use biodynamic and regenerative methods and you will meet pigs, chicken and rabbits who help us maintain soil health. 



Edith Baragar

edith baragar

 Edith loves the garden but spends more time developing new products and setting the stage for new adventures. She's in charge of everything else.

Richard Forest

Richard Forest

Richard loves the outdoors and keeps on top of a never ending to do list. He's in charge of most of the work in the fruit garden.

Adeler Saint Laurent

Adeler Saint Laurent

Adeler's an agronomist frpm Haiti with a postgraduate certificate from Bulgaria. He will be responsible for the vegetable garden and the urban gardens in Sorel.